Show Badgatos

Born in Alicante, in the south-east of Spain, The Show Badgatos is a music set, and more commonly known for mixing EDM mainly. They perform very well in any genre, from the most commercial to the less known.


Currently, the Show Badgatos is composed by Israel (Badgato) as a main Dj, Adán Riquelme on drums and several entertainers interacting with the public to create an exceptional atmosphere, making a show the audience will never forget. 


To get an idea, people love this show because it makes them feel part of it, and that's something you can only understand with the Badgatos rhythm.


This show has been transforming its performances into a spectacle since 2014, thanks also to its varied sessions, in which, they mix EDM, trap dubstep, future house, rock and indie-electronica, among many other genres. Although we could say that what stands out the most in their shows is the interaction with the audience, making them part of their performances and enjoyment. 


"Show Badgatos is full of energy and good vibes with the audience, they love to see people enjoying their sets, and people love to see them performing." - Badgatos Show.

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